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Short comparison of last three Presidents in fighting Alshabab

Sharif Sheikh Ahmed

He knew their leaders one by one and was serious to take them.  He employed most capable field fighters, gave them motivation and money. Furthermore, He was an experienced fighter who was able to go active war fields not for photo opportunity but for serious business. I remember the day he went to Afogye and Alshabab fighters ambushed him on the road. He was determined to uproot Alshabab because before a country they were his personal enemies. in short, he was in active war with Alshabab.

Hassan Sheikh Mahmoud

When Hassan Mahmoud came, he was zero war experience. His background was broken civil society with dependence mentality. His comparative advantage was at the beginning he tried to structure state institutions thanks to his theoretical understanding of the necessity of bureaucracy for modern state. He never took Alshabab seriously because he never employed capable spy chiefs, police or military commanders and technocratic security ministers for that function.


Then Farmajo came. Farmajo  still  and at this very  moment does not understand Alshabab and how they function. Let alone he devises strategy to counter them. Not only Alshabab, but his overall sense of the challenges that the nation faces. He distanced himself away intellectuals, experts and capable advisers who could help him deal with Alshabab. He continues to entertain populism sentiment. And the harvest is massacre after massacre!

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